Saturday, June 18, 2011

Frustration Tolerance

So, as most of you know, I work with children who have autism. I love my job and I think that it is great...we use ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and basically...we all get stuck in the jargon of everything. Right now, my mind is definitely stuck on the phrase "frustration tolerance". Why you may ask? Because I do not have any. When I am frustrated...(physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.) I do not tolerate much of anything else.
If anyone comes in contact with me in the next few days and says to themselves, "woah...what is wrong with Brittany?" You will know that I am in need of some frustration tolerance training. (I probably could be cured by a good make out session...I'm just saying.)

Another phrase that we use a lot is...Escape behavior...this would be defined as when a child uses a behavior to escape from a demand. For example...When asked to brush my teeth...I may engage in a tantrum like behavior in order to get out of brushing my teeth. This phrase is often shortened to just..."escaping". I often think...what kind of image would an outsider conjure from hearing us say..."Brittany is escaping from brushing her teeth."
(I know there is a fork in his hand...but trying to stab someone to get out of brushing your teeth would be "escape behavior")

Access behavior is another common phrase...Access behavior is usually what you think about when you think about a child having bad behavior. Someone acting out to get something in return. This would be if my mother were to say..."Brittany, you cannot have that toy because you don't need it." I would be engaging in access behavior if I threw a tantrum in order to get the toy.
This is a three-way tantrum...It looks as if the kid in the middle may be the peace-maker, but my theory is that he is the instigator. Look at that face. Little red has that green toy that little green wants. Red is escaping from sharing and green is access crying in order to get the toy. Old blue is keeping them apart because he is trying to build his sand castle in the middle. He was ok with red helping him, but once green came into the was all over.
Tantruming is also a word that is used OFTEN in the world of autism and ABA.

"Use your Words" is a common phrase used in my field.
Sometimes, this phrase is OVER USED. I hear it all the time...use your words...use your words...use your words...The thing is...ALL of the children I work with do not speak. They have communication...but they cannot talk verbally, therefore the phrase, "use your words" is not an efficient way to get them to communicate.

Eloping is my favorite word we use.  Instead of saying..."Brittany is running away from the classroom," We would say, "Brittany is ELOPING from the classroom." I like the image of eloping better than the image of running away anyways...

Why, you may ask, am I choosing to blog about this? I have no idea...Other than, the phrase, frustration tolerance is stuck in my brain right now.  I am frustrated with a few things in my life and wish I could be UN-frustrated by them.  Dammit.

Maybe if I engage in some access behavior for the things that I want, I will get it.  Or if I escape from the demands I have placed on me, life wouldn't be so hard and I would not have to tolerate my frustration.  Either way...I need action.

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