Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Everthing that happens to me in life, I compare automatically to Harry Potter.

I have a confession.  And to tell you all the truth, it really isn't all that surprising to anyone who knows me.  I have become re-obssessed with the Harry Potter series.  And when I say re-obsessed...I mean RE-OBSSESSED....Along with this ridiculous obssession comes a ridiculous tendency to fit situations that happen into situations into Harry Potter.  Some may call this crazy...I call it normal. It is horrible...or wonderful...however you may choose to look at it.  Here is a list of things that happen throughout a typical day that I often think...if I were a witch...this would be SOOOO much easier to deal with. 

1. Being late for work:
   *A normal person would think...I should have woken up earlier


 * I think: If I could apparate...I would never be late again.

2. Forgetting my lunch at home.
  *A normal person would think: I could just go to Kwik Trip and pick up some food

   * I think: If I had a house elf, I could just summon him and he would bring me food.

3. When a kid tries to bite me at work
  * A normal person would think: MOVE AWAY DEMON CHILD!

* I think:  STUPEFY!!

4. I have really dry skin, right?
Normal people would say: my skin is dry, I should put some lotion on it. 

*I told a kid at school: "It looks like I have scale rot."  To which he replied..."what is scale rot?"  I said..."<sigh> never mind"....and he goes..."Is that from Harry Potter?" and I say, "......yes"
 On Harry Potter wiki, it says this:
"The symptoms of scale rot were scales taking on a dull, flakey appearance and falling off in large amounts.[1] If left untreated in salamanders it could become severe enough that the tail would detach from the body.[2]
For dragons, the treatment was to rub the affected area with a solution of salt water, tar and white spirit.[1] The treatment for salamanders was to repeatedly rub the affected area with chilli powder.[2]
The effects of scale rot on dragons and its treatment was covered in Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit.[1] "
As I am neither a dragon nor a salamandar...this information is useless to me. 

5. Whenever I see an abandoned building or rundown house
Normal people would think: eh...could fall the through, I'm not going in there...

I think: Is this the muggle entrance to the Ministry of Magic, or St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries?

6. Litter on the ground.

Normal person would think: I should clean that up and recycle it, or throw it away.

I think...it might be someone's portkey to another location...better not move it.

anyone else have any other instances? feel free to add below

here's what pinterest has to offer my addiction:
Pinned Image
(I want this...BAD)

I think to myself...would it really be all that weird if I were to keep up all my decorations from my Harry Potter party? the answer, of course...is no! I still have up the "Three Broomsticks" in the entrance to my house.
 I still have the Harry potter trunk upstairs..still filled with harry potter robes and books and potions. (Although, it is no longer open.)

I have finally cleaned up all of the Halloween decorations...but to tell you the truth...I am one dorky nerd.  Here are some more pictures from the night.

Bellatrix and Ron have a "special" sort of friendship...

The Great Hall

<sigh> someone's excited to go to Hogwarts...

I told you all in an earlier post why my dogs would not survive the apocalypes (Post-apocalyptic survival guide )...Here is further proof.

Dobby and Fluffy

A better look at the great hall feast!

Umbridge and Bellatrix are the most hard core people I know

Hermione getting "drunk" off of butterbeer.

Harry, Hermione and Ron...just goin' to Hogwarts...

The best part of this picture is that was not really a posed picture...I really was looking at him that way...

Hermione and Ron are now friends with Bellatrix

All I have to say is...Laural is AMAZING...she is an up-and-coming custom costume designer...jsyk...

The whole group...

Ps...thanks to Laural for letting me steal these off of facebook.  Also...thanks to Laural for most of the hand crafted decorations. It was a great party.  The problem is...the birthday angle was just a good excuse for us all to dress up as Harry Potter characters.  I guess we celebrated Brandon and my birthdays as well...as a side note.

and to end this lovely long late night post...

Keep Calm

and...nobody cry...But I just lost it on this one...


  1. This is amazing! I love your blog and I adore this post. :)

  2. Wow!! What an awesome blog! I really enjoyed reading this and looking at your pictures. I think there are a lot of things to learn from Harry Potter. Love ya!