Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Alright...Alright...It is official. (And actually has been for quite a while now.) I am moving back to Minnesota.
Minnesota map
It's been in the works for about 2 months.  This decision was brought on by a tip from my mother.  She and my dad are now the residential directors to the Better Chance in Rochester.  This means that they are moving into the big house and renting out our old home.  My mom called me and said..."I'm not sure why I feel like I need to tell you this, but I woke up last night with this thought in my head.  What if you moved home and rented out the house, while planning on going to graduate school?" I'm not sure why, but it clicked.  Just like when I moved to Salt Lake from Denver.  I don't know why I'm moving home, but for the first time in my adult life, I think I am doing something for myself rather than for the purpose of convenience.  Not that moving to Denver and Salt Lake weren't for myself in the long run....Because I know that I have learned some amazing things in those two places, but I have become a different person almost.  I am more confident and I feel good about myself (for the most part).  I am happy.  My sister Haley has become one of my best friends.  For the first time, I've dated some while I've been out here.  What is in Minnesota?  I'm not exactly sure how I feel on the subject, but I can put it into a alternating list of pro's and cons... :)
Pro #1:
Great musicians are produced in Minnesota.
Bob Dylan

not to mention A Prairie Home Companion (on which I grew up)
(good ole Garrison Keillor
 There are MANY more musicians, like A Night in the Box (RIP:(, and Roma Di Luna, who have impacted me as a musician...
Con #1:
The winters

This picture is deceiving...and anyone from MN can tell you why.  It LOOKS like a nice winter day with the sun all out and shining...but let me tell you.  It is probably 25 degrees BELOW zero.  Winter days are WORSE when the sun is out.  Although seemingly beautiful and sunny, they are colder and more frigid.  A sunny day= a day your nose hairs freeze instantaneously upon taking your first breath out the door. Have you ever been in a place where it was so cold that your car wouldn't start and your driver's door wouldn't latch? I have...on many different occasions.

Pro #2:
Minnesota springs

As completely horrible as the winters are in Minnesota, the springs make up for it ten fold.  After hibernating in your basement getting fat all winter and only going outside when absolutely necessary, we emerge once the temperature gauge says 25 degrees...in shorts.  At this point, it's starting to feel warm.  We remember what the warm sun feels like on our cheeks.  With our hair slightly damp, we can run outside to get the mail without the fear of having it freeze and break off before we reach the doorstep again. As the temperatures continue to rise, so do our spirits that soon...SOON, we will not have to start our cars a half hour before work, that our snow pants, galoshes, mittens, scarves, face masks, neck warmers, hats and winter coats are no longer necessary in order to go to church, that school will no longer be cancelled due to extreme temperatures (as it is never due to excessive snow anymore.) that all that disgusting brown, slushy snow will finally melt. Spring, in Minnesota, is a most beautiful thing.

Con #2:
Lack of men to date...

Honestly...and no offense to anyone who has married people they grew up with, but I don't think I could do it.  I love the boys at home, but I feel like it is somewhat incestual to marry a boy from home.  I'm not planning on getting married ANY time soon, but I just don't see it happening in Minnesota....I don't know.

Pro #3:
My family is in MN
I love my family more than anything in this world. I love being around my family more than ALMOST anything in this world. It will be good to be around Stephen and Jonathan and Taylor (when she is home). I left home when Stephen was 7 years old.  He has no memory of living around me, except for the few times when I was home between semesters.  But I think it will be great to have the support and love from my family.

My family is in MN
I have the tendency to turn back into a 16 year old brat when I am around my family for longer than a week.  I don't know what it is. I love them, and I love being around them, but the bratty, I-know-more-than-you,insecure-about-EVERYTHING-Brittany comes out to play. It has nothing to do with my family and EVERYTHING to do with me...just to be clear.

Pro # 4
Brandon Button and Laural Brentner

( I know...I know, this picture is forever old Laural, we must take new ones when I move home!) :)))
These two individuals were my saving sanity when I moved home after graduating from college.  There will never be anyone in this world who can fill the place Laural and Brandon share in my heart. I cannot wait to be reunited with them!

Con #4
Running into people from High School...

Let's just face it...I wasn't the most outgoing person in High school. I had a lot of close friends, but when it came to the others, I knew who they were, but I highly doubt they would remember me.  I would never want to go back to high school, not in a million years.  The people I feel I am closest too are the ones I keep in contact with.  I know there are some that I would LOVE to be back in contact with, like (Rachel Knutson and Stephanie Irish/Aho.) But I also know that there are some I would be fine never seeing again.  There is always that awkward..."Oh...hey!" moment, where you can't remember their name, or really exactly HOW you know them, but you know you do.  You stammer a bit and then it comes to you, but you know that they know you didn't actually remember them at first.  You aren't really sure if you should exchange information to "get coffee" later.  So you awkwardly say, "Oh yeah...it was GREAT to see you.  Have a nice....life?" with the hopes that you never run into them again.  Oh well. Rochester isn't that big of a city, so I'm sure that it is bound to happen.

Downtown Rochester is one of my favorite places in the world.

Con #5:
I repeat...winters...

welp...I feel the need to express my excitement for moving.  Even though this post is somewhat ridiculous...I really am very grateful to be moving home.  Many people I love and admire live at home.  I know that I am making the correct decision in moving home, even though right now...it is scary and I don't know why I'm doing it, I know that in the long run, it will be great!