Sunday, April 29, 2012

Part One: Where the fear began

I know I've discussed my phobia of birds in nearly all of my previous blog posts somewhere...but enough is enough.  I believe that it is time for me to finally talk about this fear in great detail from the begining.  To warn all of you out there...there may be some disturbing images throughout this blog.  I suppose I should just warn myself because I'm the only one really afraid of birds.  AND, I've decided to do this in several different posts.

The beginning
When I was young, at a very young age, my cousin and I were in my backyard when out of no where a blue jay flew out of the tree and started flapping/attacking us.  I know that I am not the only one in this world who is afraid of birds...take a look at these little gems that I found...on google.

Look at her/his face...this ungenderable person is clearly terrified and probably will be for the rest of its life...

This poor little Asian child....with her teddy bear muffler/skarf will not be consoled after this...she is surrounded. And those pigeons will not let her go.

This poor child is being pooped on...POOPED ON!!!! and by the looks of the package of bread crumbs in his hand...he was trying to feed the damned thing and it thanked him by crapping on him several times...

Crows are the worst...and I think this is from the movie, The Birds.

Canadian Geese are a runner up to the Crow for the worst bird. That guy is riding a BIKE. That goose doesn't care.  He still thinks he owns the bike path....because he is a giant disgusting poop machine that steals children's lunches.

This magestic eagle is attacking a camera man. 
Golden Eagle Attacks Cameraman

This guy is not afraid to show how terrified he is. And he has tattoos all over his body...

Another child trying to feed the birds....

just to summarize...

To be continued....
Part Two: Birds: Dead OR Alive in my house...


  1. Wow Britt those were some awesome pictures! I also feel that one picture of the tattooed guy was Chris Brown! Maybe Rihanna let that bird out at him!

  2. I hate horses and it may or may not be because I'm afraid of them - you are so brave.

  3. Just the laughs I needed to start my day... we recently took Avery to feed the ducks and after a few minutes all these Canadian geese started coming up out of the lake by the dozens... they were running at us full speed... it's an interesting feeling to be so afraid of something but knowing you have to protect your children. We won't be going back to that duck pond.

  4. hahahahahahaa that last picture makes me want to pee my pants!!