Wednesday, March 28, 2012

shattered 3Gs screen + new 4s = new computer...?

I don't know why I feel like I can't throw a blog post up unless I have something extravegant to say. But here it is.  I just bought a new computer.  Not just a regular old actual, adult desk top/ touch screen, HP...something or another.  Here's what it looks like...

Here is why I bought this computer.

Yes...I know...Brittany dropped another iPhone. Brittany ruined yet, another phone. (Reference a previous blog as to how many phones I have ruined biggest pet peeve) (side note: add one phone before this that I did NOT blog about, fyi)

Some of my readers out there may be scratching their heads, perplexed and thinking...but Brittany, how does this warrent you needing a brand new computer?

Well just you wait my little readers/friends/family...all your questions will be answered momentarily, but I must briefly tell the back story.

A long time ago, mainly around the time I moved back home, my wonderfully crappy Dell laptop decided to stop connecting to the internet.  You see...I have an iphone, therefore have been surviving on that and my parent's computer since then...(August 2011).  I was very tempted to get a computer when I finished the third season of Fringe on DVD in January. I needed a computer to catch up on hulu. (duh)
I mean look at this cast! How could I resist buying a computer so I could catch up on what I had missed on season 4??  But resist, I did. It was not the right time
  It wasn't until this fateful Saturday March 24th, 2011, while telling my roommate about my night previous, when my phone literally flew out of my hand, face down on our tiled kitchen floor.  I knew, the second I bent down to pick it up, that it had hit the ground at just the right angle, that the case had had no effect on breaking the impact that shattered my poor 3Gs screen.  I stared at my phone, held it up dramatically and shouted "NO!!!!" Then busted into fits of giggles as I now do during ridiculous technological accidents that I have become so prone to.   
 After lots of coaxing by Brandon, we ventured to the at&t store.  "You have insurance, Brittany. I told you to get it with this last phone, rememeber?"  I mumbled something about it not really mattering; that all I needed was a replaced screen and the deductable was probably going to cost more than the actual screen.
"Let's go." he urged.  So go, we did. And I am glad we did.  After a few trickeries done by the man helping us...I was upgraded to the new 4s I PHONE only having to pay 200 dollars. After being promised to get it in the  mail Tuesday, I raced home to my pathetic lap top...backed up my shattered, suprisingly still working 3Gs onto my itunes.  Ready for the phone to come, I raced home after work Tuesday to find it waiting for me on the table.  Anyone see where this is going?

After getting my phone switched over at AT&T, I came home to sync it to my itunes only finding that I could not do it due to the fact that my itunes is out of date and does not support the 4s. My heart dropped as the message, "you must update your itunes before syncing your brand new exciting phone. Go to"  Well guess what Itunes??! My internet doesn't work!! I cannot sync my phone because the STUPID laptop will not connect to the stupid internet!

Therefore after a (I'm embarrassed to say) sleepless night, laying awake thinking as to what I could do...I realized maturely that it was time.  It was time for me to get a new computer.  I will say that I think I made the right choice. I am always a bit iffy about buying electronics because I have no idea what I am looking for.  But I am, writing a real blog post on my very own...very REAL computer.  <sigh> I have also come to the conclusion that technology and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love hate's me.


  1. I know why you like Fringe... Joshua Jackson, anyone? You think he's delicious, I remember. Glad you are back in the techy world...

  2. haha it takes a real winner to have to break an iphone in order to buy another iphone and a new computer ;)