Thursday, October 21, 2010

All About Harry...

Let me start this post by stating that from about this time until November 19th, if you do not like Harry Potter, you will not want anything to do with me. Seriously...I feel like everytime a new movie comes out, this guy starts acting like a pathetic little kid in a candy store. I cannot even begin to express how much of a psycho nerd I am with Harry Potter. Once I started reading them, which was about 9th grade, I went to every midnight book release, and also every midnight movie premiere. Lame...or not lame? I think not...let me just recap a few of the great memories...through pictures...
Incident #1, Harry Potter Birthday Cake age: 20...too old? Can I get a heeeell no.
Incident #2
Me at platform 9 3/ London...
Incident #3-Further proof that I am constantly reading Harry Potter...
Incident #4-Melanie and I going to Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix (those shirts were custom made by mel and me...notice her "e" is backwards...)
what? it's not weird to be 22 and still be obsessed with Harry Potter...
a little artsy side of the night...
Incident #5: Midnight book release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows...(the last one)
this woman was our favorite of the night...she wore the glasses, spoke the accent and also skated in on a pair of rollerblades, of which she wore, along with her roller-blade helmet, all night long...
my nerdy...cute as hell little brother, (who, incidentally is not that little anymore)
I personally like the stick wand
Incident #6, Midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
who knew Luna and Draco were such great friends?
The three of us...PATIENTLY awaiting our entrance to the movie
Mel and I, also patiently awaiting...(not)
Incident soon to be #7...

I highly doubt that my love for Harry Potter will "all end here"...But I do know that I will always be a nerd for it. And...once again, I apologize to those who like to talk about subjects other than Harry during this time of year... :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Jessica leaving the door open=cats coming into our house...

stray cat
Yeah...that's right...
Let me paint you the picture. I'm sitting on the computer just surfing the web, checking out other bloggers...(because that's what I am now...a blogger) when Jessica, my lovely roommate, bustles into the house in a fiery front leaving the door wide open. She's on the phone with her previous ex-car insurance agent and waves me off the computer with a smile. I, in no hurry to continue anything online, get up to make a chicken quesadilla, mainly because I am hungry and have the ingredients for once in my life. I'm grating some cheese and shredding some chicken when something out of the corner of my eye catches my attention...I glance to my left and see a little gray cat sauntering right into our kitchen...just like he owns the place. Surprised by this odd predicament I calmly yell..."WHAT THE HELL!? GET OUT OF HERE!" Jessica presses her finger to her lips, because SHE'S still on the phone and I say rather loudly and incredulously..."There is a CAT in our house...a cat that we do not own!!" She promptly turns away and continues her phone call as I scoop the stray in my arms and head up the stairs to the front door. On my way up I notice a pair of yellow eyes looking at me from the top of the stairs through the railing. I shout..."Jessica! Simon's upstairs!" Simon is the name we gave the female stray cat who we've been meaning to take to the pound. Jessica doesn't even acknowledge me as I toss "Houdini" out the door and scurry up the steps to find Simon. She's behind Jessica's bed, meowing LOUDLY, I like to think, begging for me to leave her there. I give her a stern, "Come on cat." and luckily, Simon's a bit smarter than Houdini and follows me down the stairs outside.
What, you may ask, is the moral of this story? I'll tell you what it is...Don't ever feed a stray you are meaning to take to the pound just because you feel sorry that it's going to be euthanized when no one adopts it. One, you probably won't ever take it to the pound and two, it and it's buddies will sneak into your house when your roommate leaves the door open.
Stray cats photo fofurasfelinas

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Here I am Blogging World!

So...for the three people who will PROBABLY not even read this...Hello. My name is, Brittany Bly.
I am currently living in Utah, (of all the glamorous places that I could possibly choose to live...I choose the classiest of all...Orem. :) I recently moved from the Denver area. I live with one of my best friends, Jessica Bell Bushman,
who is also one of the people who has inspired me to start a blog. Why, you may ask would I do this? There are a few, probably for my own benefit. I like to read my own amusing posts as much as the next person. I also think it's a good way to get my thoughts out on, I mean...on..line? Anyways...Life is indeed interesting. As I sit here, typing this post...I just realize how grateful I am for everything that I have! I literally have 3 dollars to my name, more bills than I can pay because of my recent move and a job that pays crap. But regardless of all of this, I do have a job, I live with Jessica, have my sisters and brother within minutes/hours of me. I live in a ghetto-tastic, cute 4-plex house that use to smell like cat piss. No worries...with a little elbow grease and lots of good smelling candles, Jessica and I eradicated THAT smell quickly. (I feel that I should mention right now that I am a Mormon girl who does sometimes swear. I don't mean to offend anyone, that is never my intent...and I will try my hardest to keep the blog clean but a few hells, damns and asses...MAY just pop out. Forgive my shortcomings, I beg of you.)
On a happier note...General Conference was this weekend. I think about where I was last year this time, and again, I am overwhelmed with gratitude at how well my life is going! Melanie Tidwell (now Johnston) and I
were in Denver searching for jobs, and I had NO clue what my purpose was. Well, I can still say, that I am not sure what exactly my purpose is, but I do know that I am MUCH happier with life.
Whelp...I feel like this is probably a pretty great place for me to end for the day/week/year. I don't know how often I will update this and I have no idea how entertaining it will be for people to read...but alas...until next time...farewell!