Thursday, October 21, 2010

All About Harry...

Let me start this post by stating that from about this time until November 19th, if you do not like Harry Potter, you will not want anything to do with me. Seriously...I feel like everytime a new movie comes out, this guy starts acting like a pathetic little kid in a candy store. I cannot even begin to express how much of a psycho nerd I am with Harry Potter. Once I started reading them, which was about 9th grade, I went to every midnight book release, and also every midnight movie premiere. Lame...or not lame? I think not...let me just recap a few of the great memories...through pictures...
Incident #1, Harry Potter Birthday Cake age: 20...too old? Can I get a heeeell no.
Incident #2
Me at platform 9 3/ London...
Incident #3-Further proof that I am constantly reading Harry Potter...
Incident #4-Melanie and I going to Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix (those shirts were custom made by mel and me...notice her "e" is backwards...)
what? it's not weird to be 22 and still be obsessed with Harry Potter...
a little artsy side of the night...
Incident #5: Midnight book release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows...(the last one)
this woman was our favorite of the night...she wore the glasses, spoke the accent and also skated in on a pair of rollerblades, of which she wore, along with her roller-blade helmet, all night long...
my nerdy...cute as hell little brother, (who, incidentally is not that little anymore)
I personally like the stick wand
Incident #6, Midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
who knew Luna and Draco were such great friends?
The three of us...PATIENTLY awaiting our entrance to the movie
Mel and I, also patiently awaiting...(not)
Incident soon to be #7...

I highly doubt that my love for Harry Potter will "all end here"...But I do know that I will always be a nerd for it. And...once again, I apologize to those who like to talk about subjects other than Harry during this time of year... :)


  1. I love Harry Potter too! Sadly I haven't been to any of the midnight stuff, but I am patiently waiting for this last movie to come out! I am thrilled that you have a love for this series too :) and might I add how incredibly jealous I am that you have been to platform 9 3/4. very VERY jealous :P

  2. I have to find a copy of the last book so I can re-read it asap. For Halloween one of these years I really want to go as Bellatrix!

  3. I AM SO EXCITED FOR NOVEMBER 19th! I don't think I realized (until I was in most of those pictures) how many HP moments we have had together!!! HILARIOUS!

  4. oh my gosh. I saw that EXACT same rollerblade woman when I bought the deathly hallows at walmart at midnight.. Obviously she owns a time-turner to be everywhere at once.