Thursday, October 6, 2011


I know...I's been a VERY long time since I have posted on this thing.  It's not thatI haven't thought about it. I have...I have....A. not really had the time and B. not really known what to say, so I'll start with this. It has been great being home.  I LOVE being around my family and I love being around my friends.  I can honestly say that I have the best friends in the whole entire world.  My darling friend Laural has blessed my new life with many surprise treats and late night chats! :) Brandon, as always, has been my little ray of sunshine during this transition into my new life, and he has introduced me to my new friend here in Rochester, Miss Blythe Polito. I got a job at the Minnesota Autism Center with pretty much no effort involved...which was a huge blessing.  Halloween, my favorite holiday, is coming up. aaaaaaaand...THIS is what I will be blogging about....I love Halloween....I know...I should be blogging more about the fact that I have made this huge transition in my life...that things continue to be crazy...that I'm STILL not doing exactly what I want to be doing...but I will not. Why, you may ask? Because no one really cares about the sticky details of my life.  I have this blog, at least for right now, to entertain myself with ridiculous lists and even more ridiculous topics. So here we go...List of why Halloween is my favorite holiday.
1. Fall is already my favorite season...

The first reason why I love Halloween would have to be because it is part of my favorite season. I love the smell, I love the colors, I love the temperature...I love EVERYTHING about autumn!

2. Halloween is 6 days before my birthday.

Ashleigh and I OFTEN had combined birthday parties that were Halloween themed, due to the fact that her birthday is November 1st and mine is November 6th and we aren't even a year apart.  I LOVE combined birthday parties that are Halloween themed.  (side note: anyone reading this blog is invited to mine and Brandon Button's combined birthday party on October 29th (his birthday). The theme is to come as your favorite book character.)

3. My family took Halloween very seriously...We often had no rhyme or reason to why were were dressed certain ways...but we were ALWAYS dressed up. This is my favorite family photo....Ever.

The indian/blue bunny/cowboy/cubs fan farmer theme just gets me EVERY time.
4. Carving pumpkins

This little beauty comes from 2009 Halloween with the Easter's.  Can you guess whose is who? Marty's is team Edward...Jill is the perfect middle one and mine and Melanie's gourd is on the right....I will carve anything I can put a face on and a candle inside.

5. Trick-or-treating
I don't know why I was never freaked out about knocking on stranger's doors and begging for candy as a kid, and I don't know why I get such joy from doing the same as I've become an adult, but I LOVE trick-or-treaters and for the first time in my adult life, I live in a home and have roommates who want to hand out candy! I love when people dress their children up in ridiculous costumes and parade them around for the whole neighborhood to see.
6. Costumes:
I love this picture...because...come on...what the hell is the kid on the left?  a tree?? I babysat for a friend of my mom's this week and I asked her kids what they wanted to be for Halloween.  As her oldest daughter, an mirror of how I was as an oldest, most responsible child, rattled on about her idea of become a Greek God if she couldn't find anything better at Target; her youngest son sat pondering on the couch. I looked at him and said, well bud, how about you?  Thinking he was going to say, a cowboy, or a fireman, I was entertained to no end when, "a di." came out of his mouth. I said, "Di? Like as in a dice?" and he said, in his little Linus voice, "yeah, you know, like a six sided dice...." I said, "Yeah, I know what a dice is, I'm just wondering why you would want to be a dice." As he looked at me like he couldn't believe why I wouldn't already know the answer to that question, he said very seriously, "Well, I can't really think of anything more simple than being a dice." !!!!!!! I laughed hysterically.  That is precisely the reason why I love children at Halloween!! They come up with the most ridiculously amazing ideas.  My sister Haley chose to be a pink version of Michael from Peter Pan. We called her, Pink Michael.  This sad thing is, Haley was "pink Michael" for more than just one year! Very funny.

Slutty princess costume, $12.99, Slutty pumpkin costume? Priceless (thanks Marty Easter)

6. Scary Movies

I don't think I have to talk too much about this. I love scary movies...more than I should.  The problem is, I haven't had a friend to watch these scary movies with until I moved to Utah and found my friend Jeremy.  The problem is...he is on the other side of the country and my friends here do not watch scary movies.  This is ok.  I will survive. I also don't have AMC anymore...or Syfy...or Chiller.  So, I will have to watch them by either renting them, or online...and it probably won't happen, so I'll just stick with Hocus Pocus. ( Best scary movie of last year? Insidious...)

Well, That's all that I can really think of right now! Just let it be known, that I LOVE Halloween.  A lot. Next post: Halloween costume ideas....

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  1. Good post! YAY HALLOWEEN!!!! I will watch scary movies with you but just know that I might be a huge baby about it...