Saturday, April 16, 2011

Music of my Soul lovely little sister, Haley Johnson did a recent post where she posted the first 10 songs that came on her shuffle, and then described what they meant to her. And because I am an avid blog copy cat...I am going to do the same... ahem...

1. Johnny Cash: I love Johnny Cash...mainly because his songs often sound the same and yet I can listen to him for hours. His best album would have to be Live at Folsom Prison...Hands down. He also reminds me of playing music with my dad. Favorite song: Girl from North Country with Bob Dylan, and Cocaine Blues

2.Oh Lord...The second band is Iron Maiden. I have recently been introduced to this magical band by a friend at work named Jeremy Smith. I can't really say that I am as crazy a fan of he is. But I do enjoy running to them... And attempting to do the first acoustic cover of When the Wild Wind Blows. Favorite songs: When The Wild Wind Blows and Dance of the Dead

3. Roma Di Luna! One of my all time favorite bands. They always remind me of my sr year in college when I downloaded all of their albums and listened to them almost non-stop for 4 months. They make me proud to be from Minnesota, land of good musicians. Also, when I first saw her sing live...I've never seen anything as magical since. She has the most amazing stage presence and you can't help but stare at her in awe as she belts it! Favorite Songs: The Devil Walks, Inside the Bells and Below our Feet

4. Vampire Weekend...They make me happy. I like to listen to them while I'm driving on the highway with my windows down. The song "Campus" makes my day.
5. Oh Coldplay...Coldplay has been one of my favorite bands since highschool. I really enjoyed their first two albums. Parachutes and Rush of blood to the Head are their best, in my opinion. Whenever I listen to Rush of blood to the head, I think of the trip we took to Louisiana and I listened to that cd the whole time. Favorite songs: Strawberry Swing, Green Eyes and Clocks

6. Selena. Selena will forever remind me of Miss Melanie Tidwell-Johnston. Anytime I hear Selena I think of the time(s) we watched Selena and the time(s) we drove to Boise with the windows down BELTING all of her songs! Anything of Seleeeena! Favorite song: Bitty Bitty Bum bum and Barefoot barely breathing (hahahaha, I don't know the real name of that song)

7. Regina Spektor. One of the greats. I remember the first time I heard her song "Us" I was hooked. I was determined to learn it on the guitar and sang it non-stop for weeks. She also reminds me of my college times. Favorite songs: Samson and Us

8. Trampled By Turtles...introduced to me by my brother Jonathan Bly. They are a great bluegrass band...on acid?
9. Greg Brown. My all-time favorite musician. I could listen to Greg Brown everyday for the rest of my life. He was the first concert I ever went to with my mom, dad and brother. He proved to me that a true musician can sit on a stage with only his guitar and voice and make for a great show. He's the best story teller in his songs and audience banter. He always will remind me of my dad. Favorite songs: Spring Wind, Rexroth's Daughter and his Richard Thompson cover of Vincent Black Lightning.

10. A Night in the Box. This one makes my heart hurt because they are no longer a band. I've seen A Night in the Box three times in concert and everytime they have blown my mind. Talk about the highest energy concert I've ever been to. These guys could belt anything out with a banjo, guitar, fiddle and harmonica. Yet another tribute the the greatness of Minnesota music. They were the best and I'm sad they are no more. Favorite Songs: Lie to me, Hustle, Don't Do me Wrong, West Texas, and The Prayer...there are many more.

11. (woops...more than 10...this is just so fun!) The Shins. If any band can get me in the mood to run, it is this one. The funny thing is, The Shins are not even that fast paced...but they fit my pace almost perfectly. Favorite Songs: Caring is Creepy, New Slang and Turn on Me

12. Brandi Carlisle. She has shown me that it is alright to belt and break your voice. She also has the coolest voice of all time and does the coolest covers. She reminds me of college and my dear friends there. Favorite songs: The Story, Walking in the Snow.

13. Mumford and Sons. this is a relatively new band also introduced to me by my brother dear. I ADORE this band. They have a great ability to sing with passion. I have really enjoy them...a lot this last few months. Favorite songs: Awake my Soul, Roll Away Your Stone, and Winter Winds.

14. James Taylor...I love James Taylor because I feel like he summed up song writing in an interview I read. People often ask me how I come up with the songs that I write and he said it perfectly. He said that he felt like these songs were in the universe and he was the channel through which they became organized...Totally hippy, but that's how I feel too. These beautiful themes and words are floating around and for some blessed reason, I have been given the gift to put them together. James Taylor also reminds me of my best friend Melanie Tidwell (now Johnston) and that always makes me happy!

15. Bob Dylan: One of the greatest. This kind of sounds cliche. But the more that I've been listening to Bobby boy...I really believe that that is true. He wrote SOOO many songs. And I really enjoy covering his music. Favorite Songs: The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol, Boots of Spanish Leather and One Too Many Mornings

16. CAKE. Reminds me of the summer of my Senior year in college. It also reminds me of the wonderful roadtrip we had driving to Boulder from Rexburg to watch them in concert. Best concert EVER! John McCrea can also put on a GREAT show! I loved it...he is also the king of covers. Cake has shown me that if you can take a song and make it your own, people will go...wait...did you write that? or is that a song I've heard before? I'm not really sure! Favorite songs: Jolene and Pentagram at the moment.

so...since I've wasted most of my Saturday morning doing this...I will have to stop there. I do have to say that I skipped over some songs that I didn't have anything to say about. These towards the end have turned out to be more influential artists than anything else. Great times! i love music more than almost anything in this world. It makes sense to me. I feel calm when there is a beat and harmony and inspiring words. Cheesy...but whatever... peace out until next time.


  1. Anything for SELEEENA! hahaha! I love you! Most of my music reminds me of you, because we were always crazy about some band at the same time. I think we listened to nothing but CAKE for like 3 straight semesters in college.

  2. My brother also introduced me to Mumford & Sons just this weekend. I like them. Have you heard of the Submarines? I went to their concert on Friday and thought they were awesome. I'd also recommend checking out Imagine Dragons. Ah music...good stuff.

  3. Ahhh so good! I like this post :)