Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spring, Oh Spring, Wherefore art thou Spring??

Anyone else feel like it should be spring? I am counting...literally counting the days until this cold weather is done! I am listening, at this very minute to The Decemberists new album called The King is Dead and this song is on right now, called January's Hymn. These are the lyrics

On a winter Sunday I go
To clear away the snow
And green the ground below

April all an ocean away
Is this the better way to spend the day?
Keeping the winter at bay

Boy oh boy...I sure am sick of January. It's only the 9th, but I always feel like January is the longest LONGEST month of the year. This is how I feel about the weather outside...(the lady on the left)
I always feel somewhat lonely in January. I wonder if this is the way most people feel, or if it's just because I've lived up to what I was most looking forward to for two months. This could be the flip side to why I shouldn't celebrate Christmas for 2 months before it happens. After the season is over, then I'm left as everyone goes back home to their regular lives. It's very odd.
This Christmas, however, was an amazing one. I love my family SO much. It was very simple, and not filled with mindless gifts and surprises. It was filled with each other and happy memories. December 28th, I went through the temple for the first time. It was amazing...everything I expected it to be. It was just so wonderful...Everything happened at once, and now it's all sort of over...Stupid January.
I think I need to find something to look forward to now. Maybe I'll plan a trip home or something so I can have something to plan and be super excited about. Or, I have a better idea, how about I be super excited about the life I'm in right now?? Hmmmm...that sounds like a greeeaaaat idea; however, it's easier to be happy in life right now, when I have an exciting event to look forward to. Anyone else with me on this one?

I am going to make a list of the places that I could go right now...people make lists at the beginning of the year right? Maybe I'll make a list of things that I want to do this year...however absurd they might be...

1. I want to train for and run a half marathon...eventually leading into a full marathon... 26.2 miles? No big deal, right? If I write it on here, then I am more likely to do it...hopefully!
2. Record another cd, and start playing in more places...this would require a few more songs on my part...I suppose that I should get writing...
3. Do a session in all of the temples in Utah:
St. George:
St George Utah Mormon Temple
Logan Utah Mormon Temple
Manti Utah Mormon Temple
Vernal Utah Mormon Temple
Monticello Utah Mormon Temple
Ogden Utah Mormon Temple
Bountiful Utah Mormon Temple
Salt Lake City:
Salt Lake Mormon Temple
Jordan River:
Jordan River Utah Mormon Temple
Oquirrh Mountain (done):
Oquirrh Mountain Utah Mormon Temple
Draper (done):
Draper Utah Mormon Temple
Mount Timpanogos:
Mount Timpanogos Utah Mormon Temple
Provo (done):
Provo Utah Mormon Temple

4. Go on a trip. Either home, or somewhere fun and exotic. I would love to go to a different country, but I'm not sure when that could possibly happen this year!

5. Become financially secure...this does not mean have lots of money, it means be out of debt and have a pretty good savings.

These five things, I believe are things things that I can look forward to and feel excited about this year...mostly the fun would THAT one be to tell people about...yeah...I just ran a marathon...


  1. I want it to be spring too!!! This is your year I can feel it!

  2. Um... number 5.... COME VISIT ME!!! Ohio is pretty exotic right?